How to Select a Good Trainer?


Organization may hire training consultants to provide a learning solution for employee development.  How to select an external trainer that meet the training objectives?  How to ensure the trainer has a high quality in presentation and facilitation?  We would like to share some tips for your reference:​

Communication Skills


In corporate learning environment, communication is a crucial skill set for professional trainers.  Training professionals must be able to clearly and concisely share the training content.  Since individuals may have various learning styles, trainers are expected to provide their services and presentation in different approaches.  Some participants are more effective in learning through listening, while others may be more sensitive through images or demonstrations.  Experienced trainers will observe carefully and select the most appropriate ways in deliver a high standard of training workshop.

Strong Industry Knowledge


A professional trainer must have profound industry knowledge.  They should maintain updated of market trends, industry concepts, content knowledge and best practices.  Having all the information on hand, experienced trainers will try to simplify them into easily digestible content.  It is trainer’s roles and responsibility to ensure participants understand the training materials and apply in workplace.

Being Creativity


A successful trainer must be flexible and agile when providing training service.  We may prepare the workshop by setting agenda.  However, a professional trainer will observe the class and adjust the ways to deliver the content to ensure high learning effectiveness.  For example, you have planned to arrange some group discussion and collaborative learning activities.  While you are delivering the workshop, you find participants would prefer a traditional approach to learn.  A great trainer will be flexible in delivery approach and use creative ways to adjust the workshop content.  With participants with various background and experiences, each training workshop will be unique, and a trainer must be open to adapt.





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