Ways to Get My First Coaching Client?

Starting a new business is always challenging.  Coaching business has no exception.  One of the most common questions that you may think about is “How to get my coaching clients?”  You may start the business by renting an office, preparing a name card, setting email contact, creating a website, preparing your LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media accounts, etc.  But after all these efforts are made, you still have not found the first coaching client.  What am I missing?

Here are some practical suggestions to have a good start in coaching business:

Business plan


Preparing a business plan is the step one when you start a business.  A business plan will help you putting all the fantastic ideas down, give you an overview of the business elements, such as vision, mission, resources needed, finance, marketing, operation, administration, etc.  It will crystalize the thinking and help you review the progress in a systematic way.  


One of the key information you need to work out in your business plan is to find out your targeted client.  Do you want to focus on executive or life coaching? Single or married? Working or self-employed? Age? Gender? Industries? Once you have clearly identified the targeted clients, your marketing will becomes much easier.

Get a Referral


Most of the coaches may start with a part time coach before deciding to go full time.  With these existing client, you may try to ask for referral.  Think about these:


Who like my coaching services?

Who has a strong connection with my targeted clients?

Who will be willing to give me some referral contact?

How should I ask for referral?

How can I approach these contacts?

How may I turn these contacts into my first client?


A referral is always a powerful way to expand your coaching business.

Review your network for prospects


Everyone in your network can be your prospect.  Even they may not need your coaching service at the moment, they can help you the spread the word.  Share your excitement about starting the coaching business in LinkedIn and Facebook.  Let everyone know!  You can even send email and text messages to share basic information such as website and personal blog.  The more your network is spreading, the higher chance you will get your first coaching client.

Be Active in Social Media


The power of social media is so influential nowadays.  However, we as a user are always be overwhelmed by the amount of the information we receive everyday.  As a result, one has to present your story with an attractive angle.  These are many ways to achieve our goals in social media.  One of the practical ways is to carry out a survey, to understand your targeted clients.  What do they looking for when it comes to coaching services?  Why are they willing to pay for it?  With these marketing insights, you can have a more accurate postings which grab your targeted client’s attention.

Build Trust and Relationships  


Don’t be surprised if you do not get a deal on the first appointment.  Every business needs time to build trust and relationship with your potential clients.  Offer them a way to stay in touch, such as following your blog or connecting with your LinkedIn.  They may need your coaching services someday. 



Stop waiting and worrying.  Start planning right now!  Trying out some of these ideas to get your new business started!





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