Design Thinking Certification Workshop

2-DAY Workshop

Day 1: 20th February 2021

Day 2: 21st February 2021


This 2-day workshop is the perfect introduction to the Design Thinking learning journey.  Participants be equipped with all the essential knowledge and tools of design thinking.  This is a unique learning opportunity to get practice tips and live coaching from experienced Design Thinking coaches.

Targeted Participants

Any interested person from corporate, start-up, consulting industries, training industries, government department, non-profit organization, or academic institution.


Anyone who wants to get a foundational understanding and practical experience in applying Design Thinking principles and methods.

Course Content

You will gain an overview of principles and concepts in Design Thinking.  We will arrange interactive class activities that offer you practical experience with Design Thinking’s tools and processes.  

Part 1: Design Thinking introduction and discovering behavioral insights

An overview of Design Thinking process and concepts will be given at the beginning of the workshop.   To help you master the skills, participants will be invited to do user research, interview and result analysis.  It helps participants to learn making sense from data to get to user / consumer insight.

Part 2: Framing the Design Thinking question

Based on the insights that participants have discovered in part 1, one will learn all essential skills to reframe the situation into a “How might we” Design Thinking question.  This is helping participants to focus on solving the most critical issue and exploring a promising opportunity.

Part 3: Ideate, Develop & Deliver

With the focal point identified in part 2, participants will experience various brainstorming techniques to explore possible, creative, innovative solutions.  Then participants will also equip with essential skills in rapid prototyping and testing of early-stage concepts.

Part 4: Continuous improvement by learnings & practice

In this session, open follow-up conversation will be arranged for Design Thinking practice discussion.   Design Thinking Coaches will share successful case studies and participants will have the opportunity to discuss any foreseeable challenges in applying design thinking.



Regular Fee


HKD 4,280 per person

RMB 3,880 Per person

USD 560 per person


Early Bird Fee

(Payment made before 20 February 2021)

HKD 3,980 per person

RMB 3,580 Per person

USD 500 per person


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