CoachU Coaching Clinic™ Workshop

2-DAY Workshop

Target Audience

Leaders and managers who want to manage and develop team members more effectively.

Workshop Features

CoachU Certification

Credits towards of CoachU Facilitation Course

Course Objectives

In this two-day CoachU Clinic workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Equip managers and leaders essential coaching skills and act as coaches in working relationships.

  • Learn, experience and practice state of the art coaching techniques, to inspire others and find potential, sharpen goals and focus, and make radical shifts to achieve extraordinary results.

  • Identify personal coaching style by using the Personal Coaching Inventory® (PCSI).It will offer critical insights in using the best communication styles with their team members for people development purposes.



Regular Fee


HKD 4,280 per person

RMB 3,880 Per person

USD 560 per person

HKD 3,980 per person

RMB 3,580 Per person

USD 500 per person


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